Country Cookin' Diner
  • PSJ (321)638-0777
  • Rockledge (321)305-6696
  • Cocoa (321)633-4488

7 AM to 2 PM Sunday & Monday
7 AM to 9 PM Tuesday-Saturday 
  Country Cookin Diner is family owned
and operated by Jim and Debby Broome.
​Our family started in 1985 with the opening of Kountry Kitchen in Merritt Island by Helen Broome. Debby started working at Kountry Kitchen in 1986 as a server and eventually worked her way into management. 

  After 16 years and countless meals Helen decided to retire and sold the restaurant. After working at Kountry Kitchen for 15 years Debby opened Country Cookin' Diner in 2001. This small 46 seat diner in Cocoa was  envisioned as being a business Debby with a couple of employees could operate easily.

  That wasn't the case, the diner took off and several employees were added and eventually Jim joined the business full time. With the success of the Cocoa location Jim and Debby opened a second location in 2009. This diner is located in Port St. John with 86 seats and is open for dinner as well.

  Our third location was opened in 2012 and is located in Rockledge. This location has 80 seats and is also open for dinner. The restaurant business is very demanding and the opening of this location would not have been possible without our daughter. Amanda worked as a server for several years and took an interest in the business side of the restaurants. She now manages our Port St. John location. 

  Our success has been attributed to the many outstanding employees that work with us and our loyal customers whom we are very greatful.
Port St. John
704 West Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32927
6 AM to 2 PM 
7 days a week
2301 State Road 524 #110
Cocoa, FL 32926
Kountry Kitchen founded 1985
Founder, Helen Broome
616 Barnes Blvd.
Rockledge FL 32955
7 AM to 2 PM Sunday & Monday
7 AM to 9 PM Tuesday-Saturday